Programs in Brief


Courses: 6 weekly one hour classes. 

Available early spring to late fall. 

Learn the easiest techniques to teach the basics of positions, leash manners, come when called and more.


If training is a conversation, agility gives us a lot to talk about! This sport builds powerful partnerships and offers good exercise for 2 & 4 leggeds. 

Private Consults

Some dogs have more challenging issues that need to be worked on individually. A custom series of 3 or 5 sessions will give you the skills to vastly improve the situation.

Special Focus Series

Various topics to hone your skills.   Building a Reliable recall, Come !!  

Leash Manners.  

Calming the Storm - reducing reactivity

Walking on the Wild Side

I am incredibly fortunate to have our 155 acres to walk our dogs on - off leash, full tilt, muddy, out of breath and happy.  Ask about access.