Anne Jeffries, co trainer

Anne has apprenticed with  me in teaching the Welcome Puppy and Basic Good Manners Programs and is now taking the lead on this coursework. 

She has trained with me for over 12 years working with her dogs in obedience, agility, tracking and scent detection.g

She and her Golden Retriever, Blossom earned her Canadian Agility Dog of Canada award this winter... 

Anne has also certified Blossom as a St John's Ambulance Therapy Dog and she brings affection and interactions to nursing homes weekly. 

Anne has completed her Principles of Dog Training Certificate with Micheal Ellis and adds that experience into our program.

In 2018, Anne has been working with me on taking over the Basic Good Manners course at Capable Canines. She brings a deep affection for dogs and great sense of humour to working with people. You will benefit greatly from her experience.