Programs in Brief



Courses: 6 weekly one hour classes. 

Available early spring to late fall. 

Learn the easiest techniques to teach the basics of positions, leash manners, come when called and more.

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If training is a conversation, agility gives us a lot to talk about! This sport builds powerful partnerships and offers good exercise for 2 & 4 leggeds. 

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Private Consults


Some dogs have more challenging issues that need to be worked on individually. A custom series of 3 or 5 sessions will give you the skills to vastly improve the situation.

Special Focus Series


Various topics to hone your skills.     

Build a strong RECALL cue. 

Polish Leash Manners.  

Calm the Storm - reduce leash reactivity.

Focus Details


RALLY OBEDIENCE eg new dog pic

A dog sport based on obedience. The dog and handler move around a course of designated stations and perform each of 10 - 20 tests. Handlers are allowed to encourage their dogs. There are a number of sanctioning bodies and titles to be earned. The training is fun for it's own sake but can be used to develop teamwork and confidence for other sports.


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Walking on the Wild Side


 Walking in the Wild will make their eyes pop! in excitement - off leash, full tilt, muddy, out of breath and happy.   We have 155 acres with trails to explore with our dogs. 

Ask about access.