Basic Good Manners is where our journey starts towards a well trained dog. With Pups 10 - 16 weeks of age, the Welcome Puppy helps with socialization and gets a head start on Good Manners.


Do you want a really well trained dog that listens in spite of distractions? Comes when called? Stays down when company arrives and walks politely on leash? 

This class will give you the skills and the support to accomplish all this and more. Build a great relationship with your dog!  

Bonus materials:   

The Emergency Recall - avoid disaster when your dog thinks  about running across the road, or is about to have a chat with a skunk. 

Private 1/2 hour with the trainer. We seriously want training to work for you and this time with the trainer is available to use as you need it to clarify or expand on material. You have one full year to access this. 

Suits dogs 4 to 12 months old. If your puppy is less than 4 months old, the Manners Plus is the right place to start.

Session consists of 6 weekly one hour classes.  

Cost $160. ​


Young puppies, 10 - 16 weeks,  are set up for success with this prequel to Basic Good Manners. The Welcome Puppy program sets a foundation of good social and management skills. Help your puppy practice the right stuff and avoid food, toy or space guarding issues 

Turn stealing into fetching

Build Social skills to take on the world without fear

Learn outcome based games to direct puppy energy and start baby obedience.

The Welcome Puppy Session is 3 weeks and is followed by the 6 week Basic Good Manners Course. Pups must have had their first series of shots.

Cost for the total of 9 weeks is $250. 


Welcome to Anne Jeffries

IN 2018, Anne has been working with me on taking over the Basic Good Manners course at Capable Canines. She brings a deep affection for dogs and great sense of humour to working with people. You will benefit greatly from her experience. 


The arena has great footing, lots of space and is well lit. Dress for the weather. 

Water is available during the green seasons.

Bring a hungry dog, their previous meal as rewards and some 'oh wow' treats.  

You are welcome to use the trails at our farm but please check in for directions and to ensure you don't bump into other users. 


Thanks for the tip you gave on diverting Harry's attention from the cars. Now I'm even able to distract him from a school bus with the command - buses were one of his really big triggers.  My arm isn't so stressed from all the sudden lunges.  

Very much appreciated.  I'm almost looking forward to spring when all the boats on trailers reappear.  We'll be in much better shape to deal with them hopefully! Deb T and Harry the Border Collie.